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We here at  Make it Happen Auto Sales and Repair Inc., realize that some of today’s customers are in need of alternatives financing. Many customers have had things happen in their lives that have forced them to surrender vehicles to their creditors or have caused an impact on their credit.

Buy Here/Pay Here (BHPH)  delivers basic transportation to thousands of Americans everyday who couldn’t get it any other way. They allow people to find jobs, get their kids to school and doctors, and pursue their version of the American Dream. “Buy Here-Pay Here” financing is an alternate source of auto loans for customers that have been turned down by conventional sources.

Our Buy Here Pay Here Program gives people with less than ideal credit a chance to drive a quality automobile. We work with customers, so as they can have financing that is comfortable to everyone. We want you to drive. We want you to have an automobile that is reliable.  We want to help those who have run into prior difficulties such as bankruptcy, repossessions, slow payments or lack of credit. These things are no longer the roadblocks they once were.

                                   *Financing available*

                              * Reasonable Insurance Quotes*
                              *30Day/1000 mile warranties*
                              *HUGE discount on Cash Sales*
                               *Alternative means of financing*
                       *MIH Offers trade-ins on your used vehicle*
 *Our staff will get you into what you need without requiring high down payment*

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